Welcome to the Scherrhof



Woodland restaurant in the middle of the city forest of Baden-Baden

Welcome to the Scherrhof - our woodland restaurant located in the midst of nature in Baden-Baden’s municipal forest a mere 15 minutes by car from Baden-Baden. In our restaurant, you will be treated to a selection of local Baden and Mediterranean specialities. The Scherrhof also provides an unrivalled setting suitable for events of all kinds. Being a popular Black Forest destination for daily outings, it is the perfect starting point for setting out on a walk around Baden-Baden.

Come and pay us a visit – we look forward to welcoming you!

Ajshe Sokoli & Thomas Lempert

Since 1802

History of the Scherrhof

  • 1802

    Johann Freysterber builds a small log house in the forest for forest workers.

  • 1872

    the city of Baden-Baden acquires this log house.

  • 1877

    Italian water pipe workers are housed in the log cabin.

  • 1887

    Friedolin Freysterber commits himself according to the municipal contract that he has to "grant shelter to unsuspicious persons in cases of emergency, at night and during storms".

  • 1904

    his son-in-law Wilhelm Stolz receives the coveted concession for a tavern.

    The only entrance leads through a dark kitchen into the narrow guest room with three simple wooden tables. Behind a board wall is the family's sleeping chamber for three generations. A hiker has to be content with the bench in the guest room at night.

  • 1913

    the guest room is enlarged.

  • 1931

    is enlarged.

  • 1935

    The inn is leased by Karl Seifermann from Bühlertal.

  • 1945 - 1948

    the Scherrhof is confiscated by the French.

  • 1954


  • 1967

    In the run-up to a visit by German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, the "Jägerstube" is built and after several changes of tenants, the "Flößerstube" is created.

  • 1993 - 2012

    the Scherrhof is managed by the family Brigitte and Peter Scheufele.

  • 01.03.2012

    As of March 1, 2012 Ajshe Sokoli & Thomas Lempert are coming back home to Baden-Baden to take over the traditional house and are looking forward to being your hosts.

Fresh, regional and healthy cuisine

Endless silence, pure nature and fresh forest air are companions of our regional & seasonal, down-to-earth and daily fresh cuisine according to grandmother’s and mother’s recipes, which stand for a no-frills and honest enjoyment.


We cook every dish fresh for you after your order and use neither additives nor dyes or flavor enhancers. We prepare our soups and sauces for you using only the finest ingredients. Our jus consists exclusively of veal bones. Our spaetzle are pressed through by hand. You will look in vain for ready-made products and convenience.


Our cakes are all homemade, using only the finest butter shortbread and fresh ingredients.

If we take so much time and effort in preparing your dishes, it would be the greatest praise for us if you would also honor this with a perhaps somewhat longer waiting time.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your order on Sundays and holidays, as this would considerably increase the waiting time for you and the other guests.


Treat yourself to a break from everyday stress – the time with us at the Scherrhof can be enjoyed so wonderfully …


Valid is the daily updated menu and beverage list in the restaurant with the prices shown therein.


Due to the technical conditions you have no cell phone reception.
Internet is only partially available via satellite and therefore you can not pay with cards.